Most recent testimonials, 2017:

I found the workshop really interesting and have been putting the exercises into practice. I think people really need to see them done in real life and the workshop really demonstrated them well. All the extra practical advice is very helpful too eg drink sparkling water if you talk a lot in your job etc. I’ve really found the exercises make a big difference in terms of relaxation in day to day life. I’m amazed that more people haven’t heard of or tried the Buteyko techniques. One of the most eye opening pieces of advice was about social media and how it can cause us to hyperventilate. I was really surprised about this and have found that cutting down on it makes me feel generally better and happier.

Frances Gill


I was aware of the Buyteko Breathing Technique, having watched it on Youtube presented by Robert Litman, who speaks about The Relationship Between Breathing and Anxiety.

I was pleasantly surprised when I became aware that the technique was being held in Liverpool city centre.

Instruction was given by Joel, who clearly believes in what he teaches. Joel was approachable and answered many questions throughout the session. Joel was very informative about the importance of breath. The hour session was packed with useful information and techniques aimed to help with breathing in a more controlled and slowed pace.

The place where the session was held was in nice surroundings and the room had a neutral bit pleasant ambience about it. I am looking forward to future sessions.

Shirley Horrocks


“Reset breathing’s workshops really opened our eyes to the power of optimal breathing”

Genie in the Gutter, drug & alcohol recovery charity, Liverpool


“I’ve met a lot of people in newsrooms who can enjoy a much better quality of life in the workplace knowing this stuff!”

Michelle Rushton, Trinity Mirror & Good News Liverpool


“I was amazed to learn how a team can be less stressed and more productive simply by improving the way they breathe every day.”

Peter Donoghue, entrepreneur & managing director of www.nourishnaturalfood.co.uk


“As an Asthma sufferer for many years, i’m already feeling the benefits of Buteyko breathing retraining after just a short period of time”

Barbara Wells


“So many of us take our breathing for granted until we face stress and anxiety. Buteyko breathing techniques are the perfect antidote.”

Robin Ellis, founder, www.yinyan.co.uk