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Popular Myofunctional therapist offers COVID19 health advice

Many thanks to guest blogger Myofunctional therapist Caroline Smith for her tips to stay healthy during this difficult time. You can also follow Caroline (pictured with breathing guru Patrick McKeown) via and I’m hoping this information may help those who are feeling anxious about the current situation. The current COVID19 virus affects the […]

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Looking back on some Reset case studies…

Meet Roy. Roy got in touch with me complaining of feeling perplexed.He was diagnosed with asthma as a child and has carried the condition throughout his life…although latterly he was diagnosed alternatively in recent years with having COPD. Roy is 73. When i met Roy, i could see that he chest breathes and his breathing […]

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Could changing the way you breathe really improve your health?

Whenever I’ve given talks in the past about changing the way we breathe, inhale and exhale, and explain the dramatic positive effects on well-being, people immediately become very curious! I’m not surprised because so many people regard learning to breathe a bit like erm, learning to grow your nails. Bad breathers develop their habits during […]

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Why I haven’t encouraged anyone to have a Dry January

Now that you’re slowly escaping from the perils of January (if you see it that way and many do…and there’s only 10 or so days to go), what plans are you making for your health and wellness this Spring and hopefully a glorious summer ahead? Like a dog isn’t just for Christmas, in my opinion, […]

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Is the way you breathe the biggest obstacle to your weight loss goals?

Of all the articles I’ve written on the benefits of changing your breathing, I’m sure you’ll agree that none will be more headline-grabbing than the one about “how struggling to lose weight can be attributed to poor breathing!” In my field of breathing re-training for clients using the Buteyko method, it’s well known that bad […]

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