About Reset Breathing

“You are how you breathe!”

I remember working at the time in broadcasting as part of my media training and after several months of this began experiencing a variety of physical symptoms that neither I or my GP could explain.

Turns out I became a habitually bad breather in the job that involved a great deal of anticipation…I began over breathing like I was stressed (even though I genuinely loved and relished everyday!) and found myself getting headaches and swollen lymph glands…turns out that it was actually my hyoid muscles in my neck that were tensing!

So said Dr. Len McEwan, one of the world’s leading experts and a founding father in recognising the condition Hyperventilation Syndrome, after I went to see him.

I received my Breathing Retraining from Dr. McEwan and also studied the Buteyko Breathing Technique latterly with Patrick McKeown who was a student of  Dr Konstantin Butyeko. May as well learn from the best!

In setting up Reset Breathing, I’ve met with literally hundreds of people who recognise that they hyperventilate or over breathe (but sometimes only after I explained)…some do it whilst asleep with their mouth open, others do it whilst at the gym, and many people who use technology either at work or outside of work or both, find themselves hyperventilating too!

It’s not something you want to do all of your life or at all if you can help it because it can lead to serious illness. I’m just pleased i can pass on my knowledge and help anyone who thinks they have a breathing problem, recognised or unrecognised.

Interestingly, since Reset Breathing started, the biggest opportunity for us has turned out to be the number of companies and organisations that recognise how breathing techniques help their people relax more…leading to more harmonious and productive working environments!

Wellthy regards

Joel Jelen

Joel is a Fellow of the Buteyko Professionals International organisation (FBPI), also serves on their management board and is their Specialist Advisor on Public Relations.